With the rapid growth of the internet and digital media, accessing news and entertainment in regional languages has become easier than ever before. Thatstamil is one such platform that caters specifically to the Tamil-speaking audience. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thatstamil, exploring its features, content, and impact on the Tamil community.

What is Thatstamil?

Thatstamil is a popular Tamil news and entertainment website that provides a wide range of content in the Tamil language. Launched in 2007, it has since become one of the leading sources of news, current affairs, entertainment, and lifestyle content for Tamil-speaking audiences across the globe.

The Features of Thatstamil

Thatstamil offers a plethora of features that cater to the diverse interests of its users. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:

1. News and Current Affairs

Thatstamil provides up-to-date news coverage on a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, business, technology, and more. The platform ensures that Tamil-speaking audiences stay informed about the latest happenings both within Tamil Nadu and around the world.

2. Entertainment

From movie reviews and celebrity interviews to updates on the Tamil film industry, Thatstamil offers a comprehensive entertainment section that keeps its users engaged and entertained. It covers the latest releases, music, and gossip, making it a go-to platform for Tamil cinema enthusiasts.

3. Lifestyle and Health

Thatstamil recognizes the importance of lifestyle and health-related content in its users’ lives. It provides articles and tips on various topics, including fitness, beauty, parenting, and relationships, helping its audience lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

4. Astrology and Spirituality

Astrology and spirituality hold significant importance in Tamil culture. Thatstamil caters to this interest by offering daily horoscopes, astrology predictions, and articles on spiritual practices. It serves as a one-stop destination for those seeking guidance and insights in these areas.

5. User Engagement

Thatstamil encourages user engagement through various interactive features. Users can comment on articles, share their opinions, and participate in polls and quizzes. This fosters a sense of community and allows users to connect with like-minded individuals.

The Impact of Thatstamil

Thatstamil has had a profound impact on the Tamil-speaking community, both within India and abroad. Here are some key ways in which it has influenced its users:

1. Preserving Tamil Culture and Language

Thatstamil plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the Tamil language and culture. By providing content in Tamil, it helps users stay connected to their roots and encourages the continued use of the language.

2. Empowering Tamil-speaking Audiences

Thatstamil empowers its users by providing them with a platform to voice their opinions and engage in discussions. It gives a voice to the Tamil-speaking community, allowing them to express their thoughts and concerns on various issues.

3. Bridging the Information Gap

Thatstamil bridges the information gap by providing news and updates in Tamil. It ensures that Tamil-speaking audiences have access to accurate and reliable information, enabling them to make informed decisions.

4. Promoting Tamil Cinema

Thatstamil’s comprehensive coverage of the Tamil film industry has played a significant role in promoting Tamil cinema. It helps create awareness about Tamil movies, actors, and directors, both within and outside Tamil Nadu.


1. Is Thatstamil available only in India?

No, Thatstamil is accessible worldwide. It caters to the Tamil-speaking diaspora across the globe, ensuring that they stay connected to their language and culture.

2. Can I access Thatstamil on my mobile device?

Yes, Thatstamil has a mobile-friendly website and also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. This allows users to access the platform conveniently on their smartphones and tablets.

3. Is Thatstamil a reliable source of news?

Thatstamil is known for its commitment to providing accurate and reliable news. It has a team of experienced journalists and follows ethical journalistic practices to ensure the authenticity of its content.

4. Can I contribute my articles to Thatstamil?

Yes, Thatstamil welcomes contributions from its users. If you have a story or an article that you believe would be of interest to the Tamil-speaking audience, you can submit it for consideration.

5. Does Thatstamil have a social media presence?

Yes, Thatstamil has an active presence on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users can follow Thatstamil’s social media accounts to stay updated with the latest news and entertainment updates.


Thatstamil has emerged as a leading platform for Tamil news and entertainment, catering to the diverse interests of the Tamil-speaking community. With its wide range of features and user engagement opportunities, it has become an integral part of the lives of Tamil-speaking audiences worldwide. By preserving Tamil culture, empowering its users, and bridging the information gap, Thatstamil continues to make a significant impact on the Tamil community.


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