To keep ourselves healthy, we must take breaks to let our minds and body rest. There are a lot of ways to relax and unwind. One of the best ways is to go to a hot spring. But most of the time, hot springs can be far from residential areas. You can just search for cabin vacation Rentals in Marquette, if you need a place to stay. In this article, we will talk about ways to unwind during a vacation.  


Ventosa is one of the easiest ways you can relax. It is done by placing heated glass cups on your back to create a vacuum. The vacuum will improve blood flow and release muscle tension. 

Hiking/Mountain climbing 

One of the most common ways to relax is to exercise. Exercising allows you to release the negative energy you have and move your body. Exercising helps one stretch and relieve muscle tension. Arriving at the top of the mountain also gives great satisfaction and the perfect atmosphere and the sound of nature to take a pause and breathe. 


If you need a more relaxing way to rest mentally, then you can try kayaking. Kayaking does not require much effort, and you also do not always have to row. You can just find a spot and stay there. The feeling of kayaking is also very relaxing. It really feels like you are floating and gliding on water because of how smooth it is.

Going to a hot spring

If you want total relaxation for both mind and body, then the hot spring is for you. Taking a dip in a hot spring not only helps you relax but also gives some health benefits, like increased production of endorphins, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and relieving muscle tension. 

But there should be safety precautions to follow if you are going to a hot spring. 

1. Stay hydrated

Soaking yourself in water, especially if it is on the warm side, gets water from your body. You will get thirsty quicker since you are losing water in your body. So you really need to drink water every time you start feeling thirsty to keep your body hydrated.

2. Take breaks

Since the hot spring makes you lose water in your body faster, you will be more susceptible to lightheadedness and fainting. Take breaks about every 15-20 minutes. Listen to your body and take a break if you feel weak.

3. Avoid alcohols

Alcohol only adds danger to you, especially if you are going to soak in a hot spring. If you are planning on going to a hot spring, do not take alcohol even on the way. 

4. Check open wounds

Just like how you should not go to the pool if you have an open wound, do not let the open wound get into the hot spring’s water if you have any. The germs and bacteria will spread through water. Do not think that it will die since the water is hot; there are a lot of bacteria that can survive in high temperatures. 

5. Check the temperature

What’s bearable for others may not be bearable for you. Before you soak yourself in the hot spring, check the temperature first using your hand or feet. Feel it for a while to see if it is bearable. Never go in if the temperature is too hot for you. Also, do not get into spring pools that are 120 degrees or more. 

6. Check your vitals first.

Before deciding to go to a hot spring, make sure that your blood pressure is not high. Or if you have a heart condition, do not risk it. Because of the hot spring’s temperature, your blood pressure and heart rate will increase. 


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