If you want to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors, camping is the perfect way to do so.. It’s also a good time to relax and be mindful of the world around you. But if you’re going solo, it can be difficult to know where to start—scared about bears—worried about not being able to cook your food or wash up? Don’t worry! Here are our top tips for having an awesome solo camping trip!

Pick the Right Spot

Choosing a campsite is important when it comes to making your experience enjoyable and safe, especially if you’re going alone! Ensure that there’s enough space between you, other campers, and wild animals if any of them get too close. It’s best to go somewhere with lots of trees, so you have plenty of shade during the day but also some light at night time to see where you’re walking or cooking. You want enough space around you as well as near your car. You don’t want anyone moving into your space or having to walk a long way from their car in the dark.

Pack Wisely

Don’t forget anything important when you’re going camping in Tennessee. It would help if you had everything from sleeping bags and pillows to cooking equipment. Thus, make sure that whatever you choose has enough room for it easily without taking up too much room in your bag. Bring some small trolley/cart with wheels. It makes getting things out of your boot easier.

Don’t Forget the Food

This is the most important solo camping trip, so make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute, especially if you are new to this kind of thing. You could go without a meal or two, but that’s not ideal if you’re looking for an experience of camping. Make sure to pack food and snacks that will keep you going – basics like bread, eggs, bacon are usually easy to prepare. Remember matches (and lighters) as well.

Be Prepared

Even though this tip isn’t specific advice related directly to solo camping trips alone, it does relate in a general sense because being self-reliant is so important no matter how many people you have with you. Being prepared means having the right equipment for your trip, as well as knowing how to use it and maintaining it where possible. For example, a good-quality camping stove that isn’t going to break on first use will be worth its weight in gold if there’s a storm or something similar happening. Then at least you’ll know that even if everything else gets ruined by rain etc., then at least some of your supplies are safe.

Have Fun

This might seem obvious, but sometimes when you are thinking about doing things like this alone. It’s harder than expected. That feeling can make you feel anxious, putting you off from enjoying yourself once you get there. Thus, make sure you do things as part of your solo camping trip that helps with this (I.e., bring a book or some board games to play with, etc.). We’ve even heard of people using apps like Tinder and Bumble for dates! It’s not something we would advise, but it might be an option if there aren’t any locals?

Be Safe

Of course, this is another obvious one, but it applies so much more to solo camping than other forms because you are alone. So make sure you read all warnings on equipment, test everything before use. Also, keep an eye out for any changes in weather or wildlife around where you’re staying. If something starts sounding/looking a bit off, then don’t stick around. Get yourself home as soon as possible. You might have been planning to stay two nights, but what about your safety? If needed, spend the money on getting a taxi back home rather than risk being stuck somewhere overnight with little supplies available. Remember, there’s no shame in admitting defeat when it comes to things like this, especially since the only thing to lose is your pride!

Final Thought

The best tip of all is to have fun! That might seem obvious, but it’s easy to get bogged down with the idea that you are doing this yourself. This can be scary in itself because what if something goes wrong? If you focus on having a good time, then nothing else will matter. So go out there and enjoy life instead of sitting at home thinking about what could happen. What kind of experience do you want? Don’t forget safety either, so make sure no corners are cut just for the sake of being somewhere different. Enjoy your solo camping trip.


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