This is the thing that bs quotes are so good at. They are very real, but they are a bit more nuanced than most, and that’s ok. We all have our own definitions of what bs quotes are, and there are countless ways to interpret them.

I don’t even know what a bs quote is, really. My definition is that it is a quote from a book or movie that has the exact words that you want to hear. I think its more of a cliche than a real quote, but it is a good cliche.

One of my favorite bs quotes is the quote attributed to Kurt Vonnegut. In it, Vonnegut claims that the most important person in your life is your wife. That is the first thing I always try to hear when I hear it, and it always makes me laugh.

I like that I’m the first person you think of when you hear that. No matter how hard I try to stop it, it’s always the first thing that I think of when I hear about someone. It’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche that’s true.

Yeah, your wife is probably the most important person in your life. But at the same time, you are very much a part of the world and of your friends and family. You can always count on her. There are many times where you don’t need to rely on her, and you can still count on her. That cliche is a great one.

I’ve learned that cliches aren’t always bad. They can be a great way to remind us of things we need to remember. For example, when I was in high school, I was working through the worst of my problems. I was trying to hold back tears because I was crying as I was writing letters to my dead aunt, but the cliches kept popping up and I had to get through it.

Cliches are one of the ways we use to help ourselves. We use them to remind us when we need to remember something, we can forget, or we need to use them to make us feel better. When I was in high school, for instance, I would take the cliches and use them to remind myself that I was tired of my problems. This would help me keep my mind off the fact that I was actually crying.

Cliches are also a way of telling us how good he or she is at something. This is one of the most important things in life: doing something well. I’ve often thought of cliches as the type of things that really get under our skin. They do, and that’s why I keep hearing about them. We need them to help us feel better about ourselves, and I think this is why they always seem to be so overused.

Clichés are a way of telling us how good we are at something. If youve ever listened to an audience or were in front of a crowd, you know what I mean. We are often under-estimating ourselves, and how good we are at what we do. We might think we’re doing it really well, or we might think we’re doing it really badly. But these words are very telling, because they tell you how good you are at something.

Clichés are, simply put, lies. They are a way of not admitting how good we are at something. They are also a way of saying we are not creative or original enough. We will say something about ourselves, but the very fact that we say it, or even think it, means that we are not creative or original enough. We are telling lies.

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