This is the best quote I have ever seen. I wish I could take credit for inventing this, but I have only heard it once ever before and it is from this one person.

One of the best things about twitter is that there are people who post things that are, in some way, true. One such person is one of our own who posted “single quotes twitter” and it was the first thing I ever saw. It is, to me, a perfect example of the kind of stuff that can happen when you’re in a Twitter bubble.

I have never seen this before and have no idea if it is true, but if it is, it is an example of how a single quote of someone can be taken to mean something and can change your life.

The more we learn about how social media works, the more Twitter itself seems to be becoming a place where people post things that aren’t actually true. I think that’s why people are starting to use it more and more. It’s like the old saying, “All facts are true, but only a few are true.” Well, there’s good reason for that.

A few years ago you could just go to social media and post a quote attributed to someone (this was called “quoting”) and everyone would be like, “Oh yeah, that’s true.

The truth is that, most of the time, if you post a quote attributed to you and people are like that, it’s because they really are quoting from you. I mean, if you have a quote attributed to you that you’re like, I wouldnt bother, but if someone else is like, hey, I thought about doing that. Theres a reason why the people that like that are the ones who don’t really give a shit.

The point is that people tend to become obsessed with things that make them look cool, like quotes, and it’s not like they just become like, “I love that quote.” I mean, most of the time, if you’re posting a quote attributed to you on facebook, everyone’s like, what the fuck, and you just post it.

It seems like a lot of the time, people are so fucking obsessed with the quote they like that they forget who they are posting it from. We’re all too used to being told who to like and what to like. It makes us forget who we are.

I can’t help but be reminded of this whenever I’m talking with someone who seems to be so obsessed with his or her quote, or whenever I hear someone on the radio, say something that makes you think, “damn, I could do that” because you just know that that person would make you look good. They are so convinced that they can make you look good that they forget that they are not talking to you or are not listening to what you are saying.

It’s the same thing with our thoughts, our habits, our routines. You know how when you’ve had too much wine, you start thinking about the next bottle of wine you just had? You start thinking about where you’re going to go to the next party and what you’re going to do on the way there? All of these things start to build up in your mind, and this builds even more in the subconscious.


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