St. Albert is a charming city in Alberta that has many perks when it comes to being a resident.

The city is the safest in the province with very low crime rates. There are three school districts in the city with quality education, top tier health care services, a strong real estate market, and a thriving cultural hub downtown.

Like much of Canada, St. Albert is also great for those who love the outdoors, even year-round. The city is noted for its ample green spaces. Folks looking at St. Albert real estate should look into the many public parks, whether it be for quiet walks, time with the kids, or playing sports.  

 Lacombe Lake Park

Lacombe has a trail wrapped lake that is home to the Pond Hockey Championships and Fire and Ice Festivals. There’s something to do no matter the season.

Lacombe has a fenced-in dog park; bike repair station for those who prefer to get around on wheels; heated washroom and change building in the pavilion; and even a swimming area for dogs.

The open field lake-side is great for flying kites and doing cartwheels, and has picnic tables and benches available for those who need a rest.

You can fish in the lake in the summer and skate on it in winter. In May 2021 the Alberta Conservation Association stocked the water with 500 brook trout and 600 rainbow trout.

Lacombe also offers access to the Red Willow Trail system.

Red Willow Trail System

This trail system stretches 99.5 kilometers to connect many of the city’s major parks and neighborhoods, covered by lush landscaping the whole way.

Those wishing to use the trails can do so in many ways: walking, running, biking, cycling, and in-line skating.

Kingswood Park

Kingswood is a great place to stumble upon wildlife. It sits close to the Sturgeon River and has many forested areas, making ample opportunity for a local creature sighting or two.

It has a spacious layout with curved trails that wind through. Kingswood is ideal for someone looking to escape everyday noise and find peace and quiet.

There’s access to cross-country ski trails in the winter, as well as a social ice surface.

There are picnic tables and benches and plenty of room to move around.

 Coal Mine Park

This park is one where nature has been carefully preserved, and so the green space is particularly ample. It’s designated as a Significant Natural Area, and has a pollinator garden and natural forested area.

Visitors looking to become completely immersed in nature can look no further than Coal Mine Park.

It’s the place to be if you want to be on the move, with its many walking trails and natural paths.

Grey Nuns White Spruce Park

Grey Nuns is another immersive park of importance.

It’s a designated Municipal Historic Resource that boasts trees that are over 100 years old. It’s also a habitat for many types of amphibians, birds, mammals, and plants.

Those who care for the park actively plant new trees and perform other planting trials for reforestation.  


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