DDP Property is a property management company that provides a wide range of services, from letting properties to full-scale property maintenance. We have been recommended by many people as the company to go to if you are looking for an all-around service provider. We can help you with everything from finding your next place, through signing the lease and settling in, up to managing any repairs that may be needed over the course of your tenancy.

We know how complicated renting property can be and we want to make it as easy as possible for both landlords and tenants alike. That’s why we provide so many services under one roof – so no matter what you need or want we’ve got it covered.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our service, and that’s why we aren’t afraid to go that extra mile for you. We’ll take all of the stress out of renting a property – from our excellent customer support team to our professional property maintenance plans, all designed with your needs in mind.

Our Services:

Letting Services: Our letting services include finding properties for rent, or finding a new landlord should you wish to sell your property. We also manage the renter’s payments through a payment protection plan, if required.

Tenancy Services: Our tenancy services include several different options designed to help you find the perfect tenant for your property. We’ll walk you through every step of doing this, from advertising to screening.

Maintenance Services:

Our maintenance services include everything from contractors to do basic home maintenance, up to a fully-fledged maintenance team that can handle the most complicated of tasks. We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing reports on what has been done whenever you need it.

Property Maintenance Plans:

Our property maintenance plans are designed with your needs in mind. We’ve included all of our services under one roof so that there are no hidden costs or long waiting periods when repairs are needed.

Contact us today, or visit our website to find out more about how we can make the whole process of renting your property as straightforward as possible.
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