I wanted to start off by saying that this recipe may look like I’m trying to be super-cheap. I’m just doing my best.

I hope you have fun with the recipe, and Im happy to provide any further help you need.

I’ll still be here, even if I’m not cooking, but I will be doing a lot of work on my website and blog. So if you need to reach me, just send me a message.

I’ve been very busy with my own writing, editing, and design work. I may be going on the road with my family and still trying to find time to cook. In the meantime, you can still get my recipe for this week’s recipe round up, courtesy of Recipes.com, and the following week’s recipe round up, courtesy of Recipes.com.

Welcome back! Im working on making all my recipes a little bit easier to find. Check out this weeks recipe round up and the following weeks recipe round up here.

Thanks for checking out my site, it makes it easier for me to find recipes and to post new recipes.

Thanks to all who have visited my site since the beginning of October, and happy new year to you all.

Happy new years and merry new year, everybody, and may you have a good one too.

Happy new year to you all too. And happy new year to you too.


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