While crypto igaming is a relatively new industry, it’s huge and growing at an exponential rate. But for those of you without a lot of experience in the sector – there’s no need to worry. In this post we outline ten easy steps to help get you on the right track.

This post is the first in a series of articles and talks on crypto igaming. In this first post we’re going to cover all ten steps. If you’re already familiar with some of them then feel free to skip ahead.

I’ll be weighing the focus on two main topics: marketing, and how to win! I’ll also cover how to come up with killer seo marketing campaigns, and how to effectively use ad tech in your strategy (for those new or unfamiliar with the term “adtech” it simply means advertising technology.) Let me begin by explaining why marketing is so important – it plays a vital role in the success or failure of any business venture, including crypto gaming.

1. Early Adopters

The first thing to do is to identify your target audience. It’s not just about finding out who will play your game, but also to gather as much information on them as possible. The more information you collect, the better you can tailor it to their needs and interests, and the more likely they are to come back for more. For example, finding out that a player lives in New York City tells you two things: first of all that they live in New York City (which may perhaps be obvious), secondly it helps with targeting them with ad campaigns. It may also be important to know if they are male or female, their age, income, ethnicity, job title and whether they have kids. It’s also crucial to find out what kind of mobile devices they have (perhaps you’re developing an app), which operating system and which version.

The list is endless (the more information you can gather the better) but I would also try to find out where they hang out online. Do they have a hub on Reddit? Do they have a blog or website? Are they active on social media forums such as Bitcointalk or Cryptopians? Are they active in crypto gaming hubs like Digidice or Slots.

2. Marketing Campaigns

Once you’ve identified your target market, it’s time to start developing your marketing campaign. This can be done a number of ways – by getting creative, or following a set template.

You should also aim to start making an income as soon as possible (unless you have a good reason not to.) The sooner you start making money from your crypto gaming efforts, the better as you can use it to pay for advertising campaigns and other marketing activities. To start with, I would suggest using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. These are the most effective ways of reaching out to potential customers as the name suggests. Let’s start with building an audience, and then I’ll explain the importance of reaching out to them. Find here.

On Google Adwords you would bid on keywords related to crypto igaming or crypto gaming. Facebook Ads allows you to create a campaign and target specific groups of people for example “male gamers in New York who own a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone” or similar. If you want to reach certain countries, you can do that too. Making use of Facebook’s pixel software allows you to create a campaign that caters for specific groups of people based on their answers to questions (in this case gaming related questions.)

The idea is not just to make an income, but also to build an audience. Crypto igaming works best when a product has a lot of traffic and is accessible to as many people as possible. Once your game or landing page is up and running, you can start adding in extra features and marketing campaigns that don’t cost anything. This way you can earn money while others pay for the advertising.

3. Promotions & Refer-a-Friend

There are many ways of earning free crypto coins by playing games. A good way is to use promotional codes to give coins away, then get others to do the same. This is a good marketing strategy because it means you don’t have to spend any money on advertising with manual link building, and at the same time you can grow your audience.

A good way of doing this is by making use of referral links – these include codes that other people can paste onto their profile or into a message board post, for example. As a bonus many gaming platforms offer extra coins for referring friends and passing out promotional links.

4. Social Media

Using social media to gain more players is another effective strategy. The more people you can get to share your website the better. Crypto igaming is all about getting exposure, so it’s important to get as many eyes on your offering as possible. For example if you have an ICO that promotes a casino, then this could be a good place to start.

5. Competitions

Running competitions is another good way of getting new players and growing an audience. Create fun online competitions and reward the winners with coins or even real money prizes. This can be done in a number of ways – by using social media networks, email signatures with links or embedding a code into your game for example (which you then track using Google Analytics.


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