For me, beauty is a collection of words, sentences, and thoughts.

Beauty is not defined by a single item alone. Beauty is a collection of many items, including the way people look, the way they listen, the way they talk, and the way they think.

The beauty of a woman is usually a combination of all three elements, and not just the simple fact that she is beautiful. It’s the way she looks, the way she talks, and the way she thinks. The way she wears her hair, the way she looks at her eyes, and the way she acts. There is no one single piece of true beauty, but rather the sum of a small number of items. Beauty has nothing to do with physical beauty.

Of course beauty is a function of the brain. But what if the brain does not function well. Then the way a person looks, talks, and acts will not be the way they look, talk, and think.

The truth is that beauty is not defined by what we can see, touch, or hear. It is defined by what we can feel, think, and do. Of course we can all make mistakes, but beauty is not a function of what we’re trying to accomplish or who we’re trying to attract. Beauty is a function of what we’re experiencing.

It’s a good thing, then, that we have the brain to function well. Unfortunately, it can also be a bad thing. As we have all experienced: I look a little taller, but I’m not that tall.

The problem is that we tend to forget that there are “external” factors that can change our inner state of being. We can be beautiful or unattractive. We can be strong or weak. When we focus on the outer aspects of beauty (i.e., what we can feel and what we can see), we forget what’s inside.

This is why we can’t expect outer beauty to fully mirror inner beauty. We need to be aware of and explore the internal state of beauty. A good example to remember is beauty of the heart. We see this beautiful woman with her heart pierced through, but we forget that inside the heart is a woman who has already lost all feelings for her husband. She has already given her heart to another man.

We need to live our lives with a feeling of inner beauty, not outer beauty. In fact, I would argue that outer beauty is a kind of false exterior beauty that is only of interest to those who don’t care and are only interested in outer beauty.

This quote is a good example of how we are taught how to act in this culture. We are told how to act according to our physical appearance and how to act according to our intelligence. We are taught how to act by the people in authority, and we are taught how to act by ourselves.


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