In this video, Beatles quote artist Peter Mark Waldrop gives you the ultimate Beatles quote cheat sheet. To give you an exact quote, he does a quick Google search, but there is a way to get the same exact quote from the original Beatles song.

“I’m going through a really bad patch.” – Sgt.

Although Mark Waldrop doesn’t name the original band, the song “I Want to Tell You” is widely assumed to be from the Beatles’ 1967 album Abbey Road. That album is famously known for having several iconic songs, including “I Want to Tell You” and “I Saw Her Standing There.” However, Mark Waldrop also mentions that “I Want To Tell You” isn’t the original.

When the Beatles first did an album, they didn’t often use their own name. Instead they would name their songs and albums after the songs from the original album. In Abbey Road, John Lennon wrote a song titled Hey Jude, which references a few of the songs on the album, such as I Want to Tell You (which is actually a lyric from the song Hey Jude) and I Saw Her Standing There.

Hey Jude and I Saw Her Standing There is not the original song, but it is the same song as the original. The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and released on the album Abbey Road in 1968. It was re-released in 1997 and then again in 2011 and 2014. It’s a great song though. I would say that I Want To Tell You is the original song.

There are a few other great Beatles songs on the album (Hey Jude, Yesterday and She Loves You, just to name a few), and I would say that I Saw Her Standing There is the song that truly defines the album. Its a great song.

Yeah, I saw her standing there. Like any of the songs on the album, I Saw Her Standing There has the Beatles going on about how great they are and how they want to be with you. It’s a great song.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been a huge Beatles fan since I first saw the film Let it Be, and its the song I’ve been singing most of my life to myself. I Saw Her Standing There does what I want to do, and I Want To Tell You does what I want to do. Its a great song.

Beatle fans will know that the quote was originally from a song by Paul McCartney called “I Want To Tell You.” But what the song itself is really about is how the Beatles themselves felt when they first started writing and recording their first songs. In those early days, they were making music for people who didn’t really care about what they were listening to, so they just put out a bunch of songs that they thought everyone would like.

The Beatles came from a very “let’s all get together and have a good time” attitude. They wanted to make music that made people feel good. And it’s a bit of a shame that it’s taken them this long to realize how important it is to that. As a result, they’ve changed their approach to making music.


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