I am not an argumentative person. I don’t argue. I just try to listen carefully. I’m not an argumentative person. I don’t argue. I just try to listen carefully.

It seems like an odd thing that people would want to argue. In fact, I think I have the same reaction that you do. To me, arguments are about arguing with people. To argue is to make an argument about something.

An argument is just a conversation between two people.

In the case of arguments, it’s an attempt to come to an agreement about something, usually something that they disagree on. It can be heated, but it’s usually about something that they both care about.

I think everyone has this kind of reaction to arguments. If you are arguing with someone who is going to push your buttons, you don’t need to be afraid of them. You don’t need to walk around with a gun because you like to argue.

As of late, the way people argue has become extremely heated. People are using their arguments to force their points onto other people. You are not allowed to show your point-of-view (as I like to call it) and if you do, you are called a “con man” and your point-of-view is dismissed.

The debate is becoming more and more intense. One of the biggest problems we have in this society is that some people are not able to accept opposing viewpoints. They will argue with you at length and refuse to hear the other point of view. They will refuse to accept your argument because their point of view is based on an emotional defense. People who are argumentative, however, tend to have a hard time with logic.

In the book we use as our primer on how to argue, by William James, he writes about the “argumentative turn” in his early 20s. When arguing, if you have an argumentative response, it should be as long as possible. If you can’t provide a reason for your thoughts, then your entire argument is invalid.

If you are the type of person who is argumentative, then it’s no surprise that you’ve probably spent your entire life being argumentative. You have probably spent as much time as a human can, arguing with people. You may have been to a doctor or a lawyer. Maybe you were a law professor arguing with a professor. You may have been a teacher arguing with a student. Or maybe you went to the dentist arguing with the dentist.

Actually, you can’t argue with people because it is an act of aggression. You have to find a way to be argumentative. You can argue the merits of certain laws, but nothing can be an argument unless you can convince someone to agree with you. You can argue the merits of different positions, but you can’t argue because you don’t have a position. You can argue that its the right thing to do, but you can’t argue because it’s wrong.


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