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The answer to this question is 24. That’s right, the number 24 is 75% of what number?

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If you guessed 100, then you are correct! This blog post will explore how we can solve a problem like this one with math.

What is 24? 24 is 75% of what number, so it represents the percentage that we are trying to find.

To get this answer, divide 100 by 25 (100 divided by 25 = __).

The result will be four and a fractional amount. Now multiply your first answer with three: 12 * x = __) If you guessed six then you’re right!

That means when one divides something into two parts they are sharing it equally.

So if we have 40 pieces of candy and share them between two people evenly, each person would go home with 20 pieces of candy which reflects 50% for both parties involved in the transaction.”

This blog post explores how math can help solve problems like “what’s 24.


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