If you are hosting a party and don’t have a trash can on hand, all the food that doesn’t get eaten will end up on the floor.

Plus, it’s just gross to clean off your floors after a party.

So make sure you have one of these 23 gallon trash cans handy for guests!

Bullet points: 

23 gallon trash can with a lid makes for mess free clean up at your house or party.

These are perfect size to keep in the kitchen, garage and bedroom so that you have one handy everywhere!

Ensure your guests don’t leave without taking their garbage by having these available throughout the event.

These can be used for anything! Throw in a few cloths, use as an umbrella stand or place on your desk to hold pens.

Clean up after guests at parties and avoid the mess by stocking up with these 23 gallon trash cans from home goods!

Don’t forget to keep paper towels handy too if you’re hosting a party so that clean up is quick and easy!

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You’ll want to have them nearby just in case someone spills something or when it comes time for dessert cleanup.

That way everything will go smoothly without any worries of a mess – throwing away cups, picking off food scraps left over from appetizers, wiping down tables all of this can get done quickly with some help from the paper towels.

Make clean up at your house or party easy with these disposable paper towel rolls from home goods!

These are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday celebration, dinner date night in or Sunday family brunch.

Even if you’re just hosting a small get together with the girls and friends, having some of these on hand will make things run more smoothly when guests arrive (and leave!).

A little bit goes a long way so don’t overstock; but be sure to have plenty available because there is no better host than an organized one! Hopefully this has been helpful!”


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