This is a blog post about the average income in America.

It talks about how much people make, and how long it takes them to earn what they need for their annual expenses.

The article also discusses some of the challenges that come with this kind of salary, such as not being able to afford healthcare or save enough money for retirement.

The article talks about how the average American earns $21.00 per hour and works for 2080 hours a year, or 40 hours a week, with two weeks of vacation.

This gives an annual salary of $41,600.

It also mentions that this is not considered enough to live comfortably in most parts of America.


There are many expenses such as transportation costs, childcare expenses, healthcare costs etc.

Which all take up a significant portion of someone’s income.

The author goes on to say that the current minimum wage will only allow you to save around $200-300 dollars each month if you work full time at it while living on your own .

Meaning that unless you’re unmarried and childless (or willing to drop your standards significantly) you’ll be living with roommates or family.

The article also discusses the perks of this type of wage – such as not being expected to work more than 40 hours a week, and having plenty of time for hobbies outside work.

It talks about how people will often retire on $21 an hour because they don’t need much money in retirement.

And it even mentions that this is enough to live comfortably if someone has other sources of income coming in like investments, real estate etc..

But doesn’t mention any specifics there though.

The article also talks about the fact that most people spend their entire income – they don’t save any money for retirement or emergencies.

It mentions how many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and has trouble paying off student debt because of it.

And even though this is an average wage, there are some jobs in America which pay significantly less than $21 per hour.

Agricultural workers make only $13.69 per hour on average.

fast food cooks earn around 11-12 dollars an hour;

retail salespeople make a little over 12 dollars an hour on average without commission (so if you’re not getting paid by commissions then your salary will be less).

The author speaks to one man who earns just under 21 dollars per hours as a maintenance worker at.


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