I had a terrible adventure with my new 2018 Can Am Maverick X3.

I bought the bike in March of this year and took it out for its first ride on April 10th. Within 30 minutes, while riding around town, I lost power to the bike.

The battery indicator showed that it was still at 50%.

When I got back home to charge the bike, however, it would not take a charge!

The lights lit up but no sound emanated from either of the two charging ports on the side of the bike’s frame. It was such an awful experience .

One that left me angry and frustrated!

I tried calling the dealership, but couldn’t get a person on the phone!

I left messages and then sent emails. It took three days to hear back from someone at that place – which is just ridiculous for an expensive item like this one!

Then they told me it was my fault and made excuses about how my electricity might not be working properly or something along those lines.

Their response exacerbated the frustration I felt. After some research online, however, I found out that there have been other instances of these bikes losing power while in use (and also after being charged).

This got me thinking: maybe all of them are defective? If so, wouldn’t Can Am know about it by now?

auto, car, cadillac @ Pixabay

And if their bike doesn’t work, what kind of warranty am I going to get?? I’m willing to go out on a limb – it’s possible that the bikes are all defective.

This would explain why people have been reporting these problems for years now and yet Can Am has done nothing about them.

If there is a problem with the bike, then they should recall each one until this issue can be fixed or not sold at all! It feels like their response was dismissive and condescending – in other words: terrible customer service!

The worst experience, however (and by far), is how expensive this whole thing turned out to be!

The salesman told me that if anything happened before my year-long manufacturer’s warranty expired, I could just bring it.


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