PDF files are a breeze to create and can make any document easy to read and share with others. However, they do have the downside of being quite large in comparison to other file types. If you have an exceptionally large PDF document, you may need to compress it so that it will open faster on your computer. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can find out how to do this. we cover a couple of different ways: turning the compression on when converting your PDF file; saving and resaving the file as an editable word or text file, or using editing software like Adobe Acrobat Professional CC.

Method One: Online PDF Compressors

One option for compressing your PDF is to simply use a website that offers online compression tools, such as zonline.com, doccompress.com, compress-pdf.com, or pdftool.com; the links below take you to their websites.

Method Two: Adobe Acrobat Professional CC

Adobe Acrobat Professional CC includes a setting that allows you to turn compression on or off when creating PDFs in the Create PDF document. To convert your PDF to a more compressed version, follow these steps:

Open the PDF that you wish to compress. Select File>Save As… In the Save As window, click the Browse button next to Save as type. Select PDF from the drop-down menu and then click Open. Click Save. A new dialog box will appear with your original file as well as a new version of it labeled in accordance with whatever you named it when saving.

Advantages of Using PDF Compressor

There are a number of advantages to using an online tool to compress your PDF file rather than applying the compression while converting. One of the biggest advantages is that you can choose to apply the compression whenever you want, whether it is when creating a new PDF or while editing an existing one. Furthermore, using this method will allow you to save money on your internet download usage, as if you use something like https://www.sodapdf.com/ , the paid version includes a computer’s download capability Again, depending on how big your PDF is and whether it will be used often enough for you to use their service for free or pay for their premium service, this might make more sense from a financial standpoint.

Advantages of Using Adobe Acrobat

There are a number of advantages to using Acrobat when you want to compress your PDFs, specifically that they include a built-in option to do this. Furthermore, if you work with small or large files, or frequently need to apply the compression during editing, this is an easy way to do it. In addition, as mentioned above, the free version includes a computer’s download capability and has no limitations on usage when compared to paid versions.


Please understand that the time you save by using any of the online tools for compressing PDFs is only going to be saved if you have a lot of files. For a quick way to compress a document, it is faster than saving it as an editable Word or text file in Acrobat, which will allow you to change it later. You can also convert your PDF into an editable Word or text file and then save it by using the Online Tools or Acrobat, or use dedicated software like Adobe Acrobat Professional CC that includes not only compression but also editing and other features.


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