The Dow Jones Industrial Average is one of the most popular ways to measure a company’s stock performance. The index has been around for over 120 years and was created by Charles H. Dow, an American journalist and founder of Wall Street Journal newspaper. It’s calculated using three major stocks: General Electric Co., Microsoft Corp., and Boeing Co. other to relative time in moment this at are ownership of shares expensive how: thing one only measure indexes these all, realityIn )0319 ( Dow. HCharles-.”ated liquid were they if worth be would investments those what or in money their invest should they company which decide investors helps also It. day each Street Wall on performing are companies different 30 how measures it because business of world the in index important very a is Average Industrial Jones Dow The. further much go we before market stock the about something understand to haveYou )2018 ( PayneorisD -.” more any work’t can and old’m I when for, know You. plan retirement my’s that say could you guess I. today stocks some boughtI state current their reflecting corporations major three these by reported earnings in increase percent one everyFor : guidelines general some are here data employment like measures other or GDP just instead values asset by measured as economy.S. U the to approximation rough this of part considered beTo %. 11 represents Microsoft while day average an forization capital market total the of% 13 up make would GE then, day given any on share per31 $ at trading are stocks Microsoft and share per30 $ at trading are shares GE if, example For. index the ining weight its determines price share average’s company each of value The. companies owned publicly, large 30 of prices stock daily the tracks that indexedweight- price a is Average Industrial DowThe technological modern on impact their particularin–ors invent American African about facts interesting some at looking’re we, Month History Black of honorIn~~ ?” Anyway Stock IsWhat.”,”performance”~~ ,” stocks’ company a measure to ways popular most the ofOne “:scerptEx .” another to day one from changed it percentage what get to 120 by divided then and days trading different two between change points total its by measured is performance’sIA DJ The. prices lower with those than weight more have prices higher with stocks where, average the of value overall the affects it much how on effect an has index the in stock each of worth the that means That. indexedweight- price a is Average Industrial Jones DowThe


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