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Symbols are a fundamental part of any language. They provide meaning and context to words and phrases that would otherwise be meaningless without understanding the culture or background of the speaker.

Symbols can also represent something abstract, such as an idea or feeling. The use of symbols is not limited to text; they are often found in other forms including art, design, architecture, religion and even mathematics!

In this blog post we will discuss 13 reasons why symbols matter in your life! Reason

Symbols in design.

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Designers use symbols to convey meaning or purpose without the need for lengthy explanations of what each symbol means.

For example, a heart might be used as an icon that signifies love and affection between two people, while other icons may represent anger (a red circle with a black X) and sadness (an upside-down tear drop).

The ease of understanding these basic symbols is evident through their widespread usage in advertising campaigns such as Coca Cola’s “Have A Coke And Smile” campaign where it replaces the letter C with a smiley face pictogram on its product packaging!

Furthermore, designers often combine different sets of symbols together to create more complex meanings behind their messages.


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