If you are a Mustang owner, then you know that there is no greater feeling than getting behind the wheel of your baby and going for a ride.

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Unfortunately, life isn’t always easy for us on this side of the fence.

That’s why we’ve compiled 13 reasons why being in the mustang club can be difficult at times. Check them out 


13 Reasons Why Being a Mustang Owner is Hard:

You are constantly struggling with the decision between whether to drive your car or not.

If you do, then you’ll be sweating under the sun and getting that new leather smell mixed in with sweat.

But if you don’t, then people will start asking why it’s sitting there collecting dust. What should we do?

There’s always somebody who tells us we’re driving an overpriced “sports car.


” Our response usually goes something like this: “Dude! It’s a pony!”

How dare they insult our beautiful machine? We refuse to take their comment lying down as well – sometimes they end up running away quickly because of how much fun it is to drive.

The Mustang is a great car for taking people on short road trips, but it’s not so good at long distances.

If you’re going across country or are planning an international trip then you’ll need something bigger than the pony who can’t handle anything over 20 miles per hour.

Even worse, if your friends want to come hang out with us and they don’t have their own cars we are left high and dry because of our lack of back seats.

We feel like everyone knows what a mustang really looks like – which means that even though there are plenty of other options in the market today our heads will always turn when one drives by.

Especially since theirs never do! We know not all Ford fans love our choice, but we’re not going to take it personally.

It can be really difficult for us to find parking spaces in large cities with our limited back end space.

And what’s worse is that the Mustang has a low roofline which often times means getting out of the car becomes an extremely high risk sport .

Especially when there are plenty of other cars nearby waiting just feet away from us!

We get stared at on public transportation by people who think they know everything about Ford Mustangs and want to tell you how wrong their opinion is.

It gets even more frustrating because every time these people open their mouths all they do is talk smack without any evidence or facts as backup so most of the time we don’t bother responding since.


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