Las relaciones terminan.

Es parte de la vida y es algo que está fuera del control de cualquiera, pero hay situaciones en las que una persona tiene el poder para hacerlo mejorar o peor.

No importa si tu ex te ha tratado mal a ti o a tus hijos, si les has dado todo lo que podías ofrecerles y no son felices contigo, es hora de sacarlos de tu vida.

Estamos aquí para compartirte 13 razones por las cuales rechazar a tu ex sería lo mejor para ti. 13 Reasons to Reject Your Ex: Relationships end.

It’s a part of life and something that is outside of the control of anyone, but there are situations where one person has the power to make it better or worse.

Whether your ex treated you badly, or your children poorly, if they’re not happy with you and have given all they can give then it’s time for them to go from your life.

We come here today to share 13 reasons why rejecting your ex would be best for yourself. Your emotional health will improve more quickly without their drama in your life.

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You’ll get over past hurts faster when they don’t show up on social media causing unnecessary pain.It takes a lot of energy to work on a relationship that’s already broken.

It can create more problems in your life when they’re constantly asking for something and you feel like you owe them.

You’ll spend less time feeling resentful towards them because you don’t have to see them as often.

There is so much uncertainty with dating someone not over their ex-partner, it may be best if they left until they get closure from the other person.

They came into your life for a might just be to teach you how to love yourself better or show up at times during difficult periods in order to give you an example of what unconditional love looks like.



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