What is the temperature increase? This question can be answered by using a thermometer.

First, we must know how much heat energy was transferred to the mercury. The total amount of heat energy transferred is 100 J and this may be calculated through q = m*c*ΔT where q is the total amount of heat energy (J), m is mass (g), c is specific heat capacity (J/kg·°C) and ΔT is change in temperature (°C). In this case, q = 100 J, so we would set our equation to:

The final step in solving for ΔT would then be plugging values into it.

ΔT = ? °C T δ. it into valuesging plug be thenT would Δ for solving in step final The- : to equation our set would we so J100= q, case this In).C° ( temperature in changeT is Δ and)C°·kg/J ( capacity heat specific is c),g ( mass is m),J ( energy heat of amount total the is qT whereΔ*c* m= q -? transferred energy heat of amount total the is What -:letsBul


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