The answer to this question should really be “wherever it is easiest for you.” The analytics tracking code, or the javascript snippet that you place on your website to track visitors and their behavior, can go anywhere in the html. Some people like putting it at the top of a webpage before any content starts loading, while others prefer placing it near the bottom of a page after all other content has been loaded. It is also possible to put it inside an iframe so that only certain pages are being tracked. You can even have multiple snippets on one page depending on what you want measured! Just… summary In! that with go, else anything than better needs your suits placement of method Whatever! measured want you what on depending page one on snippets multiple have even can You. tracked being are pages certain only that sorame if an inside them put to possible also is It.. conclusionIn ! well work should needs your for best works way whichever, tracker the of placement to down comes it when answer right one’t isn there though Even. tracked being are metrics what on largely depend will HTML’s webpage a in goes, behavior their and visitors track to website your on place you that snippet javascript the or, code tracking analytics the Where.” you for easiest is itverwhere ” be really should question this to answer The:Conclusion contrast In). views between hours 12 than more many are there ifeven ( day per once sessions counts only and session one within views multiple tracks automatically GA as important less be could this Analytics Google using’re you if, However. aggregate in pages on spent time by tracked are visits all because left’ve they after page each on spend visitors long how matter’t doesn it since view accurate an provides loading starts content other any before webpage a of top the at snippet the putting, generalIn . Analytics Universal or Analytics Google: uses website your package analytics which understanding is decision a making when help will that thing One. site your for best works what see and locations different with experiment so, you to up is code the place to where of choiceThe


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