As the U.S. Supreme Court heads into its next term, it’s worth taking a look at 10 of the most important cases in recent history that have shaped American law and culture.

Here are just a few: 10 Supreme Court Cases Every Teen Should Know .” 

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justice, statue, lady justice @ Pixabay

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5419 ( Education of Board vBrown : few a just are Here. culture .

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1973 ( Wade v Roe -; grounds constitutional on schools public in race by segregation outlawed).

Sr Farmer James, Lewis John,kins Wil Roy., Jr Young Whitney., Jr King Luther Martin .

1960 the during movement rights civil on era new a in ushered and nationwide discrimination racial end to way the paved case.

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Be must there and unconstitutional was schools public in segregation that ruled Court The -)5419 ( 48.S. U 347, Education of Board.


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